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(the non-blockchain edition! Plus some edits + additions)

Deep in a post-ultramarathon malaise. It’s too cold for the road bike and too soon to start running again (cue my knees crackling in agreement), but I’ll plan some trails for the spring.


I listened to Unearth’s 2011 Darkness in the Light roughly sixteen thousand times during training—I am burned out on late-aughts deathcore breakdowns.

This past (slow, sleepy) week I’ve been leaning deep into “sit and listen”-type albums: dolorous, wailing black metal and drone; lots of layered samples and instruments in long compositions. “Zwang,” off Tardigrada’s Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit in particular has a subtle melodic arc that reveals more and more with repeated listens.

“Cosmic” feels like a goofy adjective to apply to music, but every track on Arushi Jain’s Under the Lilac Sky has a feeling of vast distance & scale. Organ-esque thrumming ebbs and flows like a tide, underpinning twinkling analog synths, while vocal samples cast light and warmth across the deep, wide canvas she’s created.

…and a little sultry house via Loure to round things out.


No thoughts, just vibes

Cassie Kozyrkov has made AI/ML and all the associated data science intelligible to my brain—more than I could have hoped.


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